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Student Advisory Board

SWiC is seeking bright and talented young minds from around the county to join our Student Advisory Board!

The Student Advisory Board serves as a resource in providing SWiC’s Communication Team feedback, ensuring that they are promoting SWiC’s services and activities to students and in their home communities in a way that is relevant to their needs and communication styles.

Student Advisory Board members not only help SWiC and the community, but also develop their own leadership skills by participating.

These students will be able to:

  • help their peers;
  • better child and young adult services within our agency;
  • raise awareness; and
  • generate support in the community!

If you or a student you know

(Grades 9-12)

is interested in attending,

call Erin at (570) 622-3991

to let her know we will be expecting you!

Please call (570) 622-6220 the day of the meeting if you are in need of more specific directions to our meeting location.

2019 Student Poetry Submissions

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Bullying Prevention Awareness Month (October), SWiC partnered with 11 local schools to carry out a Student Art and Poetry Competition! Featured below are the winning works of poetry submitted by students in our county having to do with the theme Living in Fear is No Way to Live!

“Breaking Free”

He brings me flowers, roses as an apology.
Constantly he says he’s sorry.
He gives me money for makeup to cover the bruises.
I’m the one who always loses.

Fight after fight every single night, I lay down to
sleep as he lays next to me. His arms wrap around me,
and I begin to think am I in the clear?
There’s not much more I can bare.

I wake up the next day, the sun in my face.
The spot next to me is cold, he is not in his place.
I am alone.
As I get up I ache, I am done with this hate.

I slip on a little black dress.
My confidence is at its best.
I strap my red heels; how good this feels.
My curled hair and red lips I wear make me look alive.
I crack a real smile for once on the outside.

I look in the mirror.
Oh, how much clearer
my worth is to me now.
I feel so beautiful, without him anyhow.

Down to the police station I go.
Only some bruises do show.
I’m getting compliments left and right,
dressed like it’s a fancy Friday night.

As I walk in the station door,
my eyes go to the floor.
As my heels click in the silence,
I say “Hi, I would like to report domestic violence.”

The fear I once had has fled my body.
As the officers arrest him, he says he’s sorry.
My body finally feels like it’s my body.

For everyday I’ve been living in fear,
today is the day that I’ve come to really care.
My life is finally mine as free as I can be.
Living in fear is not who I will be.

Breaking out of the past,
for I am free at last,
I know this self-love will last.

Don’t be afraid to escape.
There are people who will help you, waiting today,
only one call away.
The number 800-282-0634 will guide your way.

“Deserving Strength”

To shudder in fear,
to hide and cry,
to fear his return,
is no way to live.

To be kept away
and held from home
with no way for help,
is no way to live.

To face a fiery fist
and gnashing teeth
and bruises and scars
is no way to live

To fear saying no,
to fear what he’ll say,
to fear what he’ll do,
is no way to live.

To lose sleep,
to always be on guard,
to have to plead,
is no way to live.

To lose hours,
to lose days,
to lose years to pain,
is no way to live.

To think you aren’t
good enough,
to feel like an object,
is no way to live.

To lie to friends,
to hide the marks,
to laugh it off
is no way to live.

To hide from your life,
to be glued to your phone,
to have to listen in silence,
is no way to live.

To feel alone,
to feel abandoned,
to be in isolation,
is certainly
no way to live.

Being put down,
being beat, broken and
broken again
is no way to live.

Living your life in fear,
living every day uneasily,
with a heart break each day
is no way to live.

To be afraid
and hide away
every day
is no way to live.

Being able to love
and trust yourself,
to walk tall and show
who you are
is the best way to live.

You are better
than you may think.

You are better
than he may say.

You are strong enough
and you deserve better.

You can
reach out
for help.

You deserve help.
You deserve more.

A good partner
is someone
who brings out
your best.

are not homes
built on foundations
of fear and hate,
of anguish and

are built on
soft foundations,
to catch you when you fall,
and that keep growing
to foster new moments
of love.

Living without love
is no way to live.
Living in a cycle of hurt
is no way to live.

Living without your own
is no way to live.

“Keep Driving”

Endless possibilities, full of life,
don’t deserve to be chained, fueled by strife, or
barred by fear and apprehension of pain.
Life is blissful when fear is not about.
Others enhance that bliss when all is calm,
yet some spew devastation brutally
at any sign of happiness or joy.
This is not the way to live, trapped within
the heavy fog of fear, incapable
of seeing through the torment one is in.
When the high beams of consciousness shine through
to no avail, the road will still be there.
Remember: the road will always be there.
The fog light will guide you to better times.

“Susie’s Bad Dream”

Susie woke up from the scariest of dreams
and called, “Mommy, Mommy come quick!
the Clar-Gappy wants my Gleam.”

Now little Susie’s Mother ran up right away
and said, “It’s alright, it’s alright!”
Then with a question in her eye
asked, “What’s a Gleam anyway?”

“My Gleam is what makes me happy
and he takes it away
which is why I don’t like the Clar-Gappy.”

“In my dream, I lived with the Clar-Gappy
and at first, he was lots of fun –
he said he liked me, and I liked him,
but then he started being mean and snappy.”

“He ordered me around –
do this, not that, give me this, get me that.
He even made me take my dog to the pound!”

“But when the Clar-Gappy was in the mood
he would play with me and we would have fun.
He wasn’t mean all the time, and besides
I thought if I left him then I would be rude.”

“Life was good for a while, but then it got worse.
What made it so bad was that he was blaming me.
He said I should be punished and took away my purse.”

“Then he took my phone saying it was a big no-no.
He kept me inside away from the world,
away from everything fun.
Instead of a friend, he became a foe.”

“I didn’t know what was allowed and what was not,
and I was too afraid to ask him.
One thing I knew, I had to leave no matter what he thought.”

“I knew that this was not the way to live.
Friends show love and give us a Gleam.
They don’t make us afraid
of what they will say or make us give.”

“So, I packed up my bag with what little I had
and I walked far, far away.
That is when I realized that life wasn’t so bad.”

“I found a new friend who liked me for me.
This time I made sure that he wasn’t a Clar-Gappy.
He was kind, funny, and loved to give Gleams.
We lived a life together as happily as could be.”

“I don’t like that Clar-Gappy either,” said Susie’s Mother
“You did the right thing,
I’m glad you left him and found another.”

Then Susie sat down and thought long and hard.
She decided that if she ever met a Clar-Gappy,
she would leave right away
because she didn’t like being afraid and up on her guard.