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Fundraising Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in conducting a fundraising event that will benefit SWiC. As a non-profit organization, we are obligated by law to ensure that all fundraising events on our behalf are consistent with the regulations of the IRS and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We ask for your cooperation and support of the following guidelines:

  1. The fundraising event must be appropriate with the Mission of SWiC and preserve the name and image of SWiC. SWiC reserves the right to reject any fundraising event, which the Board of Directors deems not to meet the Mission Statement of SWiC or jeopardizes the name and/or image of SWiC.
  2. All publicity must state that the proceeds from the event are for the benefit of SWiC. All proceeds raised by the event shall be submitted to SWiC within 30 days after the conclusion of the fundraising event along with an accounting of the proceeds received from the event.
  3. The sponsoring organization of the fundraising event will assume all financial responsibility for the costs associated for the fundraising event. The sponsoring group/individual should obtain, at their expense, any and all liability insurance that may be required for the event.
  4. Guests/Participants/Donors of the fundraising event will not receive a letter of tax deductibility from SWiC unless all event entry fees are made payable to SWiC, AND the monies involved in the event are managed by SWiC. We will comply with all rules as required by the IRS for reporting the value of any goods or services received for a donation to a fundraising event.
  5. SWiC is unable to provide staff or volunteer assistance with publicity or promoting the event. If time permits, we will make every attempt to list your event in our newsletter and/or website. SWiC must be provided a copy of any publication, press release, flyer, etc., 30 days in advance of the event that mentions SWiC specifically. SWiC retains the right to full approval of all communications mentioning SWiC.
  6. The SWiC mailing list is confidential and will not be released under any circumstances or conditions.
  7. The fundraising event must comply with all Municipal, County, State and Federal Laws.
  8. If a speaker from SWiC is requested, please indicate time and topic on the cover page of this application. Your organization will be contacted by SWiC to confirm and discuss the topic of the speaker and timeframe allotted for the speaker.

Anyone interested in fundraising should contact SWiC's office at:
570.622.3991 or by e-mail at swicagency@comcast.net