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Thank you for your continued support of SWiC’s life-saving work with victims of intimate partner violence and/or sexual abuse!

The following individuals/businesses have generously donated to our 2019-2020 Annual Appeal (as of 1/23/2020) and given us permission to have their names published.

Dr. David and Ms. Christine Ambrose

Mr. Robert Bricker and Dr. Marylou Rainone

Attorney Karen Byrnes-Noon

Ms. Susan Camise

Ms. Joyce Clem

Mr. James Corrigan

Dr. Christina DiCello

Ms. Sarah Donohue

Dr. Gregory and Dr. Jeanne Elberfeld

Mr. David and Ms. Jane Fennelly

Dr. James and Ms. Mary Beth Fogarty

Dr. James and Attorney Lori Guzick(In Memory of Mr. David Guzick)

Ms. Nancy Homa

Mr. Scott and Ms. Fiona Jacoby

Ms. Constance Jarrard(In Memory of Mr. Harold and Ms. Elizabeth Paur)

Reverend Craig D. Zimmerman

Ms. Sandy Kachmar

Mr. Edgar Kleffman

Ms. Barbara Koch Hill

Mr. Paul and Ms. Linda Kostyak (In Memory of Theodore "Ted" Casey, Esq.)

Mr. Norman and Ms. Yvonne Lettich

Mr. David and Ms. Lori Miller

Ms. Paula Ney (In Memory of Theodore "Ted" Casey, Esq.)

Ms. Anna Painter (In Memory of Cindy Faust Zimmerman)

Mr. Steve and Ms. Doranne Polcrack

Dr. Gerald and Ms. Shirley Ravitz (In Memory of Theodore "Ted" Casey, Esq.)

Attorney Rochelle Quiggle

Ms. Cassie Rossochacy

Mr. Robert and Ms. Linda Stock

Ms. Marria O'Malley Walsh

Ms. Maureen Walsh

Ms. Nancy Whitaker

Mr. Jeff and Ms. Lisa Yurek

Rev. Craig Zimmerman

Businesses / Groups:

Framing Mad

Law Office of James P. Wallbillich, LLC

Marshall, Bohorad, Thornburg, Price & Campion, P.C.

Pinecrest Tree Farms (In Memory of Ms. Ann M. Koch)

St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Thanks to everyone who donated to the 2020 Annual Appeal including those who chose to remain anonymous. We couldn’t do it without YOU!


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