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Volunteering with SWiC

Founded by community volunteers, Schuylkill Women in Crisis is only able to offer the array of critical services that we do because of our dedicated volunteers. Have you ever thought about volunteering for SWiC? SWiC was founded in 1983 by volunteers and has relied heavily on volunteers ever since. You can help Schuylkill Women in Crisis in many ways. Do you have a few hours a month to improve the lives of women and children in your community? Are you bilingual? Do you have a special talent to share? Cooking, Crafts, Yoga, Music - just to name a few...

Volunteers can help SWiC in two ways:, as – as direct or indirect volunteers.

Direct Service Volunteers

Direct service volunteers work directly with victims and must complete the state-mandated 45-hour training. Examples of direct service volunteering include answering hotline, assisting victims in SWiC’s courthouse office, providing shelter coverage, helping at activities and programs for shelter and longer-term housing residents, etc. Direct service volunteers can also help in an indirect capacity as well.

  Training is required for these volunteer opportunities:

  • Answering Hotline Calls
  • Helping at Shelter
  • Assist Victims in Completing Protection from Abuse Orders
  • Accompany Victims to Hospitals and Court Proceedings
  • and more...

Indirect Service Volunteers

Indirect service volunteers do not need to complete the training and can volunteer in ways that do not involve direct contact with victims, such as at fundraisers, tables in malls and other public events, stuffing envelopes and other clerical assistance, etc.

  Training is not required for these volunteer opportunities:

  • Events Assistant
  • Committee Members
  • Homework Helper
  • Donation Room Volunteer
  • Clerical Volunteer
  • Newsletter Contributor
  • Maintenance
  • Reading at Storytime

Anyone interested in volunteering should contact
SWiC’s Volunteer Coordinator at
570.622.3991 or swicagency@comcast.net.