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2018 Poster Contest Winners

Pre-K and Kindergarten:

1st place: Lilly Salvadore, Kindergartener at Mahanoy Area Elementary

2nd place: Morgan Scheer, Kindergartener at Pine Grove Area Elementary

3rd place: Logan Himic, Kindergartener at Blue Mt. Elementary West

First through Fourth Grade:

1st place: Olivia Tassone, Fourth grader at John S. Clark Elementary

2nd place: Jack Potts, Fourth grader at Schuylkill Haven Elementary

TIE: 3rd place: Brady Burns, Third grader at Trinity Academy

TIE: 3rd place: Karolina Paterak, Third grader at John S. Clark Elementary

Fifth through Eighth Grade:

1st place: Stella Nye, Sixth grader at Hegins Hubley

2nd place: Raven Eckert, Fifth grader at Minersville Elementary

3rd place: Camille Quirin-Morris, Sixth grader at St. Nicholas

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